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Anton Zellman Biography

ANTON JOSEF ZELLMAN ( Perceptionist ) has been called the most talented mentalist of the decade, a gifted speaker, motivator and entertainer.

Originally from New York City, Zellman spent his early years working in theatrical and entertainment circles. He later pursued a career as an award-winning sales and marketing consultant for Bulova Watch Company. During his ten years in the field, he incorporated his life-long flair for physical/mental magic and showmanship into his sales presentation.

In the late 70s, he decided to channel his unique talents to other areas. Zellmans ability to perceive the thoughts of others or mentally describe people and events previously unknown to him made the “Perceptionist”a popular and much sought after entertainer and lecturer. From staged performances in leading Las Vegas Hotels to industrial trade shows and seminars for some of the countrys corporate giants, including Du Pont, Burroughs Wellcome Company, Owens Corning Fiberglas and Valvoline Oil Company, Zellman has demonstrated his amazing psychic powers of mind and memory.

Performing is only part of his busy schedule. Zellman conducts motivational seminars and workshops during which he instructs students, salesman, and management personnel how to get more from the “business of life” by becoming aware of and using the vast reserve of mental power he claims is lying dormant within everyone.

Anton Zellman is a member of Health Care and Exhibitors Association, International Psychic Entertainers Association, Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce, and Rotary International.

Zellman Productions Company History

Anton Zellman began doing business as Zellman Productions in Toledo, Ohio in 1977. His primary focus was then and continues to be the designing and delivery of live “Edutaining” presentations that communicate specific messages to attendees at national trade shows and to introduce products, advertising and marketing programs at national sales meetings. All of Zellmans productions are themed around mental skills, i.e.: Memory, Perception, Predictions and Intuition.

To date, Anton Zellman has delivered more than ten thousand customized presentations at 190 trade shows and 500 meetings or special events.

Customized trade show presentations designed by Zellman Productions have been utilized by blue chip companies in the building, food, packaging, telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries.

Trade show specific clients include: Owens Corning Fiberglas, Owens Illinois Glass Container Corporation, Bristol Laboratories, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Boehringer Ingelheim, Coultier Corporation. Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, Burroughs Wellcome Company, Ethicon, Inc. (a Johnson & Johnson company), AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical, GlaxoWellcome and Tellabs, Inc.

Zellman Productions is located in Canton, Georgia, a growing community 35 miles north of Atlanta.


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