Zellman, the Captivating Entertainer

Anton ZellmanAn unforgettable performance. And performer.

That's what your guests will experience when you engage Anton Josef Zellman for your next entertainment function.

Volumes have been written about the fascinating phenomenon of ESP. But until you have actually witnessed Zellman's amazing mental talents in action, it will all seem like fiction.

Zellman enchants his audience as he invites them on-stage and guides their minds through the wondrous realm of the psychic. He astounds them by reading serial numbers from unseen dollar bills across the room. He predicts events before they occur. He demonstrates feats of memory which seem impossible. He boggles the mind by revealing to members of the audience what they are thinking.

Zellman persuades even the most skeptical as he delivers a fast-paced, fun-filled audience participation show that challenges everyone to think about their own mental powers.

They'll laugh. They'll ponder. They'll wonder.

You'll wonder too, why you haven't engaged Zellman before.

Zellman's performance is ideal for clubs, theaters, conventions, cruises, meetings or corporate functions... wherever you want to stimulate and involve the audience.

And Zellman always delivers. Capable of motivating the most skeptical: from doctors and lawyers to policemen and politicians, from contractors and bankers to bottlers and builders.

What's more, you can count on more than just great entertainment. With over 25 years experience in theatrical production and staging, Zellman Productions handles all necessary arrangements for sound, lighting and room set up.

In short, Zellman is more than just an entertainer. He is entertainment. From planning to after-show socializing, he offers the polished professionalism and psychic magnetism that can turn an ordinary entertainment function into an unforgettable event.


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