A Marketers Dream Come True
Your trade show audience willingly memorizes your product messages and enjoys every minute of it!

Crowd at show

Anton Zellman takes his presentations beyond the realm of entertainment by offering your audience just what they came for - product information. He calls it “Edutainment”

The show opens with Zellman demonstrating his easy “Two Step” memory technique, which is based on picture association. After teaching the audience how its done, Zellman convincingly delivers your specific product message. Next Zellman explains how he used the same technique to memorize the 2 1/2 minutes of product information he just communicated.

Then comes the most creative twist of all!
As Zellman displays and describes the cartoon images he created to represent the product message, the audience willingly memorizes the name and key benefits of your product. To establish that his memory system really works, Zellman displays the images a second time and asks the audience to write down every word they recall. Imagine the excitement as they easily accomplish this marvelous memory feat with absolute accuracy.

And theres more!
To prove they were successful, Zellman asks the audience to repeat your commercial aloud and they do! Your audience is aware they are “being sold” on your company and product, and they love every minute of it.

Every presentation concludes with the collection of lead contact cards filled in by the attendees as they watch the show and the distribution of the most practical. educational and cost effective giveaway imaginable! Its an interactive audio cassette of Zellman's recording of “Memory Magic.” It contains practice sessions for memory improvement and a repeat of your product message as it was described by Zellman during the show.


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