Zellman, the Personable Persuader

Zellman entertainingEven a robot, magician or model can attract attention at trade shows. But can they sell your product or create the kind of image with which your company feels comfortable?

It's not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. But one man has the mind-boggling powers to pull it off every time. He's the "Master of Mental Fun," Anton Josef Zellman.

A very personable and successful salesman himself, Zellman uses his vocal and perceptual talents to attract continuous traffic to your booth.

Whatever you want to sell, from concepts to products to promotional campaigns, Zellman sells it in a way that motivates your audience to action. Your message will be heard. Your product will be the star of the show.

You see, Zellman is much more than a psychic or salesman. He is a motivator, an educator, an entertainer and an expert in audience dynamics. He combines these talents with his unparalleled psychic demonstrations to make your exhibit the main attraction.

He accomplishes this by gathering as much background from you as he needs. He then skillfully blends your specific show messages into one of his polished psychic presentations. He offers a variety of themes including ESP, Memory, Perception and Predictions. A written script is submitted for your approval.

He provides copy and concepts for personalized handouts, props, pre-show mailers and promotional pieces that invite audience participation.

Zellman performs with his talented wife, Lois. They usually arrive two days before opening to set up, rehearse and preview the presentation for you and your people.

Each of his trade show presentations lasts from 15 to 20 minutes. He usually delivers one show each exhibit hour allowing your sales reps time for client contact.

So next time you are scheduling a booth at a trade show, insure your investment. Do more than just draw a crowd. Entertain, educate, and motivate your audience as only a personable persuader like Anton Josef Zellman can.


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