Presentations Designed to Sell

“The Mind” is the power behind every Zellman Performance

Anton Zellman in actionZellman educates your audience about expanding their thinking, solving problems and improving their creative and intuitive processes. He makes it so easy to do and to understand. All the while, he is communicating your important product messages.

Intriguing! Amazing! Informative!

A Johnson & Johnson Company Client writes

Dear Anton,

Again this year, you pulled thousands of customers to our booth. Both you and ETHICON were “the talk of the show.” I even heard customers telling their colleagues, “Don't miss seeing the memory expert and mind reader at ETHICON.”

Knowing that each customer was memorizing product information in addition to being entertained helps me once again to profess, youre one of a kind! Our customers laughed, they were amazed and they were sold on ETHICON.

Thank you again for an outstanding job at the Association Of Operating Room Nurses Congress.

Susan L. Wright, Director of Communications


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