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Presentations Designed To Achieve Results

"Test Your Memory"... The audience memorizes the name and key benefits of your product; service or corporate message. And in the process, learns a helpful mnemonic technique for memorizing and recalling names, lists or facts.

"What's Your Perception"... An excellent presentation when you want to introduce, enhance or change the perception of what the audience may think about your company or a particular product. This presentation reveals how perceptions are sometimes inaccurate because of the limitations of our objective sensors and the interpretations we place on the incoming data.

"Accurate Predictions"... Your audience becomes aware of the established predictability of specific features and benefits of your product. During the process they practice using their innate "powers of intuition" to make accurate predictions.

"Lightning Fast Calculations"... An ideal presentation when numbers, charts or percentages play a role in emphasizing your product's special features and benefits. Zellman demonstrates and reveals how to add, subtract, multiply, square and cube random numbers as accurately as - and sometimes faster than - electronic calculators.

"Puzzles and Solutions"... A very effective presentation for communicating information about how your product or service can provide solutions to specific problems. Zellman invites the audience to solve visual, auditory and word puzzles as he demonstrates how the human mind is constantly storing, organizing and evaluating data.

"Focusing On You"... This presentation is designed to provide you with instant access to what your audience knows or really thinks about your company service or products. It offers the audience opportunities to learn and practice non verbal communication skills.

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